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 Locally Roasted in the Pacific Northwest in Happy Valley, Oregon

Smooth Medium Roast Deep Full Body and Wonderful Crema

Single Origin Certified Organic and Fair Trade.  A wonderful Brazilian coffee from Poco Fundo Cooperative near Rio de Janeiro.  This is a rich vibrant coffee anchored with a deep full bodied earthy flavor and lots of fruity high notes.

 $13 PER POUND (Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean/Ground)


Dark Roast with Bold Traditional Brazilian Flavors

Single Origin Bold and Flavorful, a true Brazilian coffee from the tropical climate of the Cerrado Mineiro and nutrient-rich soil give this coffee its intense aromas and full body that will delight the senses with the taste of ripe, chocolate-toned fruit without a hint of sharpness or acidity.  Moderate aging further rounds its flavor while developing body that is deep, creamy and full for that true Brazilian coffee experience.

$11 PER POUND (Dark Roast Whole Bean/Ground)


Organic Espresso Roast with Heavy Body and Full Intensity

Heavy bodied, full intensity and fullness reveals a delicious chocolate and fruity tones.  With sharp bottom notes and versatility this blend is elegant as a straight shot, but sturdy and robust enough to carry its weight in large amounts of dairy. This blend is superb with the super-automatic coffee makers.

$13 PER POUND (Dark Roast Whole Bean/Ground)


Decaffeinated Latin Organic Dark Roast with Full Body and Aroma

Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Organic
The trademark "Swiss Water Process" removes caffeine from coffee without the use of solvents or chemicals. The coffee is characterized by delicate sweetness, fruity notes, sweet aroma, gentle acidity, and full bodied.  This decaf is intense in flavor with plenty of personality.

$13 PER POUND (Dark Roast Whole Bean/Ground)


Medium to Dark Roast Full Bodied with Sweet Aroma

A soaring lightness and lovely balance of sweet and dry tones distinguishes this Costa Rican coffee. This is a coffee equivalent of a fine wine, with its dry, bright tones and delicate sweetness. Its clean, crisp character will please coffee lovers and delight the palate.

$13 PER POUND (Dark Espresso Roast Whole Bean/Ground)

1/2 Latin Decaf 1/2 Costa Rican

Don't want the full Caffeine ZING of a dark roast, but want 1/2 the ZING? How about our 1/2 Calf to smooth out your day. Our 1/2 calf is 1/2 our Latin Decaf (All Natural Swiss Water Decaf) and 1/2 our Full Bodied Costa Rican Holiday Roast. 

$13 PER POUND (Dark Espresso Roast Whole Bean/Ground)

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